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A new look for the French classic sandwich..

Ingredients Quantity
Camembert 240g 1
Sheet of filo dough 6
Egg 1
Slices of boiled ham 2
Softened butter 50g
Mustard 50g

Serves 4


1. Unfold a sheet of filo dough and use a brush to spread the beaten egg over the entire
surface. Place a second sheet on top. Brown with the egg again,
and finish with a final sheet.
2. Cut out rectangular strips 3 to 4 cm wide and 10 cm
long. Bake at 150°c until brown. Cool.
3. Mix the mustard with the softened butter. Set aside.
4. Cut strips of ham and camembert of the same dimensions
as those of the filo dough.
5. Then assemble: on one strip of filo, use a knife or
a pouch to place a bead of  "mustard butter" (only for gluing) then
successively add a strip of ham, mustard butter, sheet of filo dough,
butter, camembert, butter, filo.
6. For a more spectacular sandwich, repeat the operation!

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