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Recipe of the Chef Grégory Corman

Serves four 

Garlic and herb goat’s cheese spread  140g
Chili pepper 1 teaspoon
Tortillas 8 small
Avocado 1
Cooked sweetcorn 50g
Spring onions 4
Red and green pepper 1 of each
Olive oil 1 dl
Turkey escalope 2
Kidney beans 1 can or 200g
Salad leaves 8
Salt To taste
Freshly ground pepper To taste

Drain the kidney beans, mix with half of the garlic and herb goat’s cheese spread. Check seasoning, set aside.
Cut the turkey escalopes into fingers, season, add the chilli pepper and the olive oil. Grill.
Peel the onions and the avocado. Wash and remove seeds from peppers. Cut these ingredients into sticks of the same size as the turkey. Set aside.
Assembly : Place a previously washed salad leaf on each tortilla round, spread a layer of bean purée, lay a few grains of sweetcorn, and the pepper, onion, turkey and avocado sticks.
Using a piping bag, pipe on a line of garlic and herb goat’s cheese spread.
Fold the tortilla up, letting the garnish "ooze out" a little. Close with a piece of chive or a wooden skewer.
Serve with a pepper and green lemon salsa and a few corn chips.

Eurial products needed for this recipe :

Spreadable garlic & herbs goat cheese pyramid 140g

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