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Camembert and grilled chicken

Ingredients Quantity
Camembert 240g 1
Chicken fillet 1 piece
Olive oil 1 tablespoon
Flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped 30g
Salt, pepper To taste
Pepper powder or in flakes To taste

Serves 4


1. Score the camembert across its thickness, taking care not to cut it
to the base.
2. Brush the chicken fillet with olive oil and grill it.
3. When cooked, salt and pepper. Cool and cut good-sized portions along the length
of the chicken fillets.
4. Press a slice of grilled chicken into each score made in the cheese.
5. Place the chopped parsley in a plate and delicately press the
camembert on top in order to fix the parsley on the chicken. Sprinkle with pepper
according to taste.
Can be served as a main dish with a potato salad
with vinaigrette

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