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Cheese, pan-fried vegetables and chorizo brochette

Ingredients Quantity
Portion of camembert 1 box
Chorizo 1 piece
Courgette 1 piece
Red pepper 1 piece
Cherry vine tomatoes 8 pieces
Onion 1 piece
Garlic 1 clove
Fresh thyme 1 sprig
Olive oil 1/2dl
Salt, pepper To taste

Serves 4


1. Rinse the vegetables. Peel the chorizo and the onion. Remove the seeds from the
2. Cut the chorizo and courgette into 1 cm round slices. Cut the red pepper into 3x3 cm squares,
cut the onion into 4 and remove the leaves.
3. In a pan, heat the olive oil over a brisk heat and add the garlic clove
that has been slightly crushed (flat of the hand). Toss on the round slices of chorizo, the pepper
squares, onion leaves. Brown briskly for 1’.
4. Add the round slices of courgette, the whole cherry tomatoes and the sprig of
thyme, brown again for 1'.
5. Season. Drain and lay flat to cool quickly.
6. Cut the portions of camembert into 2 then, using wooden brochettes,
successively pierce the onions, pepper, cheese, courgette, tomato, chorizo.
Repeat until all the merchandise has been used up
Can be served in a thin baguette split along the length.
Can also be heated in the oven for a few minutes.

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