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Eurial Group

Proud of our milk !

Eurial is a union group of 5,000 producers organised into 5 cooperatives (Colarena Presqu’île, Poitouraine, UCAL, LCPG and Valcrest) to guarantee the best possible market for their milk. Working with 16 production sites and over 2,440 farms, our group processes the milk to make products for specific markets: cow and goat cheeses, butter, cream, organic dairy products, pre-sliced frozen cheese ingredients and dairy ingredients (casein, powders, functional mixtures). 

Key figures:

- 2,440 dairy farms (4,500 farmers) 
- 1,2 billion of litres of milk processed, including 220 millions litres of goat’s milk 
- 16 production sites in France, Belgium, Spain and United States
- 2500 employees 
- 6 subsidiaries : Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain United States and Poland and
1 representative office in Dubai. 
- 1 billion euros of turnover, 29% from export