Fresh cream 15% Fat 1 Litre

The Grand Fermage fresh cream is manufactured using traditional methods. Especially designed for the restaurant industry, it can be ideal for all applications, hot or cold.
The fresh cream 15 % fat has a thick and smooth texture.
It combines the pleasure of good flavour with the benefits of a balanced diet.
During cooking, it remains homogeneous, smooth and does not become liquid.
When reduced, it thickens readily and has good coating properties when hot. It stands up well to the addition of acids and alcohol

  • Case: by 6
  • Uses: Cold, added during cooking, hot
Nutritional value for 100g :
Energy : 698kJ / 169kcal |  Fat : 15g |  Of which saturates : 10.35g |  Carbohydrates : 5g |  Of which sugar : 5g |  Proteins : 3.4g |  Salt : 0.1g |  Allergens : milk

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