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Goat Cheese and Chorizo Wrap

2 Servings
Preparation Time : 15 min
Cooking Time : 0 min
Difficulty : easy

Soignon Fresh Goat Cheese    120 g
Whole Wheat Tortilla 25cm    130 g
Guacamole      100 g
Sun Dried Tomatoes     50 g
Chorizo (cut in small cubes)    40 g
Leeks (blanched and cut in thinly sliced)  40 g
Pimento       12 g

- Mix the goat cheese with the guacamole, sun dried tomatoes, chorizo, leek, and pimento.
- Spread mixture on the tortilla and roll.
- Cut the tortilla in half at a slight angle.
- Refrigerate before serving.

Eurial products needed for this recipe :

Fresh discs 40g

Goat cheese for grilling 25g

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