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Goat cheese and honey pizza

- A ready-made pizza dough (or homemade)
- 7 oz fresh goat cheese or fresh goat log with honey
- 4 large tablespoons of honey to less liquid (only 2 with honey goat log)
- A jar of whipping cream (7 fl oz)
- Olives
- shredded Emmental


While spreading the dough on a baking paper and spread in a round baking dish with minimal edges.

Pour the entire jar of cream on the dough and spread it well.
Cut the cheese into slices or small pieces, then spread over the dish.
Add honey evenly.
Then add the cheese

Add a little honey over the cheese and possibly add a few olives.

Bake at gas mark 6 (410° F) for about 30 minutes.

Remove when the dough is cooked underneath.

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