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Goat cheese history

Mother of the world for the indians and lightening for the ancient Greeks, the goat is a legendary animal. The goat is also an important character in many French fables and stories.

Over many centuries, the goats have been raised for their milk, meat, skin. The Chinese used goat fur for their calligraphy brushes.
According to the legend, Zeus was fed goat milk becoming the food of god. This milk has been used for a long time as a substitute for breast milk.
Settling down around 7 000 BC, the prehistoric nomadic hunter created the first goat cheeses, becoming the forerunner of all cheeses.
During the Greek and Roman civilisation, goats adapted well to arid areas of the Mediterranean. Goats being wanderers arrived in ancient Gaul (modern France) long before the Romans.
When Charles Martel halted the advance of the Moors in France at Poitiers (732 AD), many Saracens remained in the area and continued to raise goats.
In the Middle Ages goat cheeses were used as money as well as food for the pligrims on the roads of Saint Jacques de Compestello.
The pasteurisation discovered in 1857 by Emile Duclaux was a wonderful innovation for cheese making.

The first goat cheeses were marketed in France in 1935, with the safety guarantees for the consumer.
The dairy Soignon was founded in 1895 in the Poitou-Charentes region, that became one of the cradles of goat cheese along with the Centre and Rhônes Alpes regions.
Authentic, there are 120 sorts of goat cheeses available in many shapes and flavours. Thanks to the various breeds of goats, recipes and maturations, each cheese has its own taste.
Since 2009, the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) guarantees that cheese is made according to a expertise handed down from a generation to one another, respecting strict specifications.

Through its brand Soignon, Eurial is the n°1 goat cheese producer in France. Our products are well known through out the world as top quality and tasty cheeses.