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Goat cheese tabbouleh

Serves 2  
Preparation time: 30 min  
Cost: inexpensive
Cooking time: 0 min
Difficulty: easy 

Goat cheese log   1 (110 g)
Bulghur wheat   100 g
Water    100 g
Olive oil    4 tablespoons
Shallot    1
Dried apricots   4
Tomato    1
Small red pepper   1
Mint     5 leaves
Fresh coriander   2 sprigs
Salt     to taste
Lemon    1

- Warm the water, oil and salt.
- Pour half onto the bulghur and leave to swell. Add the rest of the water.
- Dice the tomato and the shallot and slice the apricots in half.
- Chop the mint leaves and slice the red pepper.
- Mix the tomato, shallot, apricots and mint with the juice of the lemon. Incorporate into the bulghur and chill for one hours.
- Before serving, dice the goat log and arrange the dice on top of the tabbouleh. Sprinkle with fresh coriander.

Chef's tip: you can also use Saint Maure or goat Tomme.

Wine: Rosé de Provence

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