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Mozzarella and aubergine millefeuille with hummus

By Paco Moralès

For the Mozzarella and aubergine millefeuille

- 4 slices of "Merci Chef!" Mozzarella
- 2 medium aubergines
- Salt
- Olive oil

Cut the aubergine into round slices 1cm thick and griddle (or fry) on each side in olive oil.
Take the Mozzarella out of the fridge and keep it aside.

For the hummus

- 200g cooked chick peas
- 50g of the chick peas' cooking water
- 30g Tahini
- Juice of ½ lemon
- 50g yoghurt
- 10g cumin
- 5g sweet red pepper
- Salt
- Extra-virgin olive oil
- Fresh basil

Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend at full power.
Strain the mixture through a fine sieve and keep it in the fridge.

Garnish and presentation

Spread the hummus over the bottom of the plate.
Alternate the slices of Mozzarella with the slices of griddled aubergine.
Top with basil.

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