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Our expertise

We raise, produce, collect and process… You enjoy !

Eurial adds value to the milk collected from its producers to make products for specific market sectors: creams, butters, goat and cow cheeses, organic dairy products, pre-sliced frozen cheeses and dairy ingredients (rennet casein, milk proteins and functional mixtures ). 
Combining traditional expertise and a successful research and development team, Eurial constantly offers innovative products that meet new consumers trends. 
Eurial is a pioneer in IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technology applied to cheese. With this technology, a product can precisely be sliced then instantly and individually frozen. These safe, ready to use frozen cheeses allow you cost savings and easy stock management, while their flavours and authenticity are preserved.
Eurial cheeses, butters and creams provide you with choice from wide ranges of quality and flavoursome products.