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Our group history

Eurial: a long dairy history !

 Our group results from a merger between cooperatives and dairies, which some were founded 100 years ago. Our products benefit from their experience. 
- 1895 Establishment of the dairy of Soignon. 

- 1897 Inauguration of the dairy of Dangé. 

- 1932 The dairy of Soignon produces its first goat cheese log. 

- 1956 Establishment of co-op UCAL at Luçon.

- 1958 Establishment of a dairy at Herbignac. 

- 1963 Establishment of the co-op Laitière de la Région Nantaise, COLARENA.


- 1990 Fromandal, the spanish subsidiary is created by Eurial and 3 coops in Andalousia.

- 1992 Couturier, already present in the USA market since 10 years, becomes part of the Eurial group. Couturier is one of the first company to sell goat cheese in the USA.

Creation of Fromka GmbH, in Germany, subsidiary of Eurial (37%) and Laïta (63%). Fromka markets the retail product of Eurial and Laïta in Germany. 

- 1994 Establishment of the ALLIANCE GERVAIS LAIT NACTALIA, a commercial partnership between EURIAL, POITOURAINE and GERVAIS LAIT.

The trademark NACTALIA de GERVAIS is in third position on its market, with a 20% market share. 

- 1995 EURIAL and POITOURAINE joined their main assets.

- 1998 Creation of Eurilait, English subsidiary of Eurial (30%) and Laïta (70%).

- 1999 Agreement in relation to NACTALIA placed under management by CEDILAC. The milk is sold under the Brand "Candia". 

- 2000 Creation of the Polish subsidiary "Eurial Polska", 100% (fully) owned by Eurial.

- 2001 Beginning of the "Agri Confiance" certifications.

- 2007 Establishment of IDI SAS (International Dairy Ingredient), joint venture between Eurial and Ingredia to market their functional dairy ingredients.

- 2008 Eurial takes parts (30%) into Alianze 3A, subsidiary of Les Fromageries Occitanes in the Spanish market. They sell French dairy products in Spain, mostly in the retail market.

- 2008 Creation of the Herbignac Cheese Ingredients, the plant is specialized in the production of mozzarella with a capacity of 30 000T of mozzarella per year.

Eurial Poitouraine becomes Eurial

- 2010 Eurial launches its new mozzarella and pizza cheeses under the brand Maestrella.

- 2011 La coopérative du Pays de Gâtine ( LCPG ), becomes the 4th cooperative of the Eurial group. The industrial and commercial activities are integrated to the group from July 2011.

- 2011 Eurial launches its new cheese brand Merci Chef! with a wide range of Camemberts plain and flavourered. In 2012, a new range of goat cheeses is launched : Fresh goat cheeses (80g Crottins, 125g and 110g buchettes) and Semi hard goat cheeses (wedges, wheels, slices and cubes). The French cheeses for every occasion.