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Quality and "Agri Confiance"

Quality control: a guarantee of safety for our customers.

Milk is collected by specially trained personnel, using equipment cleaned and maintained by the company.
Our technicians check its quality at each collection. The producers are supported by teams of technicians at the cooperatives who advise them on quality and hygiene and on production management (feeding the herd, quotas, ...). These teams also maintain the milk tanks and milking equipment.
The quality chain is complete, from the farm to factory. This stringently controlled milk is then ready for processing.

The "Agri Confiance" certification held by the three Colarena, Poitouraine and Ucal co-operatives is the guarantee of traceability.
Our processing centers are already or about to be ISO 9001 certified, complete traceability from the farm to the final customer is guaranteed.
"Agri Confiance" also includes a green element, involving concrete commitments on environmental protection, based on an analysis which ensures that farms comply with environmental regulations and on a progressive action plan designed for each farm.