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Remoulade discs

Ingredients Quantity
Camembert with pepper 100 g 1
Celeriac 200 g
Crème fraîche 75 g
Lemon juice ½ lemon
Apples  200 g
Toasted hazelnuts 20
Caraway seeds To taste
Smoked herring fillets 100 g
Salt To taste
Freshly ground pepper To taste
Herbs to garnish To taste
Paprika flakes or powder To taste

Serves 4


1. Wash, peel and dice the celeriac and the apple.
Add the juice of half a lemon and set aside.
2. Cut the camembert into small cubes and crush the hazelnuts.
3. Cut the herrings into diamond-shaped pieces.
4. Carefully mix the cheese, the celeriac, the crème fraîche, the apples, the
Hazelnuts and the caraway seeds together. Season with salt and pepper.
5. With a pastry cutter, add the mixture to the centre of each plate.
Smooth down and top with the herring pieces and garnish with herbs.
6. Sprinkle over with paprika.
Serve with warm toast.

Eurial products needed for this recipe :

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