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Salad of blue cheese, pear and walnut gratin

By Paco Moralès


- 200g "Merci Chef!" blue cheese
- 120g Conference pears
- 60g dried walnuts
- White sugar
- 20g red frisée lettuce
- 20g red oak-leaf lettuce
- 20g fresh spinach

Chop and wash the salad leaves well (red frisée, red oak-leaf and spinach)
Sprinkle the walnuts with sugar and caramelise under the grill, making sure the walnuts are well covered.
Hand-cut the blue cheese into small, irregular dice.
Cut the pear into matchsticks.

For the honey and mustard vinaigrette

-100g extra-virgin olive oil
- 40g white wine vinegar
- 20g mustard
- 20g honey
- Salt

Put the mustard, honey and vinegar into a bowl and mix well.
Add the olive oil and whisk it into a vinaigrette. 
Set aside in the refrigerator.

Garnish and presentation

Put the mixture of salad leaves into a soup dish as a base.
Divide the blue cheese across the surface, alternating it with the walnut gratin.
Finish by pouring the honey and mustard vinaigrette over it and arranging the pear matchsticks on top.

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