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Stuffed camembert, crunchy vegetables

Ingredients Quantity
Camembert 240 g 1
Carrots 50 g
Cucumber 50 g
Red pepper 50 g
New white onions 1 piece
Black radish 50 g
Pink radish 50 g
Cherry tomatoes 4 pieces
Chervil A few sprigs
Bread croutons 50 g
Freshly ground pepper To taste

Serves 4


1. Rinse the carrots, cucumber and black radish. Peel the white onions
and pink radishes.
2. Cut the carrot and cucumber into sticks (retain the skin but remove the
seeds. Cut the black radish into thin round slices. Cut the pink radish into 2 along the length and
the white onions into 4.
3. Use a knife to score the surface of the camembert and press in the carrot sticks,
cucumbers, red pepper and pink radish over the entire surface of the
4. Top with the black radish slices, croutons, as well as the springs of
5. Cut the cheese into 4 equal portions without removing the vegetables.
Serve with a few slices of toast and the rest of the cut vegetables

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