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Less packaging, better environment !

Since 2009, Eurial has begun its sustainability program to provide our clientele with packaging that is more environmentally-friendly while still guaranteeing our quality and service commitments. 
- Axis 1: To reduce the tonnage of packaging placed on the market
Various Eco design tools for the packaging are used on all new development projects and for all revamping of the packaging range.

- Axis 2: To encourage materials that are from a renewable source, recycled and able to be recycled.Incorporate recycled carton or plastic into our packaging.

Use certified papers and cartons (FSC, PEFC, etc.).Mention sorting instructions on our packaging.

- Axis 3: To minimise the use of substances that have a substantial impact on the environment
Minimise the use of PVC in our packaging.Use inks that are more environmentally-friendly (with no mineral solvents, Printer that has the Imprim’vert mark, etc.).

Minimise the use of glue.

- Axis 4: To reduce the impact that our products have on transportation and storage
Optimise palletising, the supply of materials and the distribution of the final products by making use of the various Eco design tools and by engaging a collective approach with our suppliers.

- Axis 5: To Get best value from the industrial waste from all of the sites
Unify the organisation of sorting the various materials across all of the sites
 Collect and transfer this waste to the valorisation sectors