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Terms and conditions

The object of the site www.eurial-international.com is to present the Eurial Group ; its overseas branches as well as its different brands. It will allow professional users (industrialists, wholesalers, large and medium range department stores and restaurant owners) to discover all the products of the Group.

By entering this site, you have accepted the present general conditions of use.

Presentation of the site
The site belongs to EURIAL, SAS with capital of 54.411.543€ listed on the Poitiers Companies Registration Office under number 353 543 358 and with its administrative office at Parc du Club du Perray – 24 rue de la Rainière – CS 42738 – 44327 NANTES cedex 3 - France.
The Editor in Chief of the Publication is Mr Olivier ATHIMON.

Conception, creation and realisation of the site
La Compagnie Hyperactive
7, rue du Docteur Roux
79000 Niort

Site Hosting
The web site web is hosted by Netissime, 13/ 15/ 17/, rue Jean Bourgey - 69100 Villeurbanne - France.
Business number: 0826 001 002 - Hotline: 0892 10 92 10

Respect for property right and brands
Everything you can see, hear or read on the site, as well as the site itself, is protected by copyright legislation. You may in no event use, distribute, copy, reproduce, modify, misrepresent or transmit the site or any of its constituent parts such as texts, images or sounds without the prior written consent of EURIAL. The brand names and the logos appearing on the site are the property of EURIAL or are the object of a licence for use. No right or license for any of these constituent parts may be given without the written consent of EURIAL or of the third party right holders over the brand name or logo on the site. EURIAL reserves the right to take action against any infringement of its intellectual property rights, including in the form of legal action.

Respect for images
The images or photographs of people or places which appear on the site are the property of EURIAL and/or are used by EURIAL with the agreement of the rights holders. The use of these images or photographs is forbidden without the express written agreement of EURIAL. Any unauthorised use may constitute a breach of copyright, image rights, the rights of individuals or any other applicable regulations applicable to media or advertising.

General warning
EURIAL cannot be held responsible for the damage which may result from access to or the use of the site, including any deterioration or virus which might infect your computer equipment or any other property. Although EURIAL makes every reasonable effort to keep the information published on the site up to date, EURIAL cannot be held responsible for any error or omission.

Exclusion from responsibility and indemnity
EURIAL or any other party which acts in relation to the site cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage which may result from access to or use of the site or from the information appearing on it.

Links to other sites
EURIAL proposes links from its site to other affiliated or non-affiliated sites. These sites are independents from the site. EURIAL does not publish and does not control these sites. The links to them do not constitute, in any event, approval of or partnership between EURIAL and these sites. For this reason, EURIAL cannot be held responsible for their contents, products, advertisements or any other elements or services presented on these sites. We remind you that affiliated or non-affiliated sites are subject to their own conditions of use and policy for protection of privacy.

Respect for regulations
The set was set up by EURIAL whose head office is in France. The site is subject to French regulation.

Access to the site
EURIAL reserves the right for whatsoever reason and at its sole discretion to cancel, modify, suspend or interrupt access to all or part of the site, including in particular the content, functionalities or the times of availability without prior warning.

Modification of the conditions
EURIAL reserves the right to alter or in a more general way to update the present general conditions at any time without warning. For this reason we suggest you consult them regularly.

Use of personal data
This Web site is in the process of making its declaration to the National Commission for Computer Science and Liberties (CNIL).

Photo Credits
fotolia © + GuettyImages © + EURIAL
Claude Herdelan – Francis Guillard – Sandra Visonneau – Gervais Barré – Studio Mixture – Studio Drancourt – Gildas Paré (Graphic Identité)

A/ The Computer Science and Liberties Law
The personal information which we might collect is exclusively intended for our Marketing and Customer Relations Services to allow you to take advantage of the services offered by the site.
In conformity with the Computer Science and Liberties Law of 6th January 1978 as modified, you possess the right to access, modify, rectify and suppress personal data which we may have collected. You only need to contact us, reminding us of your name, first name, membership number if relevant, address and email:
* by email: service.export@eurial.eu
* by post to: EURIAL - Service Export - Parc du Club du Perray – 24 rue de la Rainière – CS 42738 – 44327 NANTES cedex 3 - France.
* by telephone to: +33 (0)2 40 68 35 99

B/ Using IP addresses
An IP address is a number which is automatically assigned to your computer by your internet access provider when you navigate on the Web. When you consult the pages of our site, our servers record your IP address.
EURIAL collects IP addresses to control their own computer system and to analyse the use made of its site. We do not attach IP addresses to information of a personal nature, which means that when you consult the site, your visit is recorded but you remain anonymous to us.

C/ Advertising e-mail
Only those internet users who have subscribed to the EURIAL Information Letter receive email advertisements. Your email address is indispensable for receiving this Information Letter. At the end of each mail, you will have the chance to unsubscribe from this letter with a single click. You will also have the possibility to modify the information which you have provided.

D/ Cookies
To manage your entire connexion, we are using a session cookie. It destroys itself automatically and leaves no record on your computer.

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