UHT cream 30% Fat 20cl

The Grand Fermage UHT cream are manufactured using traditional methods.
They are made from cream collected from our dairy farmers located in the Charentes-Poitou area.
Used hot or cold, Grand Fermage UHT cream meets the needs of the restaurant industry:
- Hot, it thickens quickly when reduced, resulting in a lovely regular coating.
- Cold, it results in a firm texture and is excellent when whipped. It is a guaranteed high quality cream you can use to make your chocolate mousses, whipped creams, ice creams, custards, salads, and fruits, etc. 

  • Case: by 8x3
  • Uses: Cold, added during cooking, hot
Nutritional value for 100g :
Energy : 1209kJ / 293kcal |  Fat : 30g |  Of which saturates : 21g |  Carbohydrates : 3.4g |  Of which sugar : 3g |  Proteins : 2.4g |  Salt : 0.07g |  Allergens : milk

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