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Vegetarian lasagne

Recipe of the Chef Grégory Corman

Serves 2 

Garlic and herb goat’s cheese spread  140g 
Lasagne 2 18cm sheets
Red pepper 1
Courgette 1 small
Aubergine 1 small
Olive oil 1dl
Freshly ground pepper 

Wash the vegetables. Cut the aubergines and the courgettes lengthwise (1/2cm thick). Season. Cook in a frying pan with 5cl of olive oil. Brown well, while keeping crunchy. Set aside.
Cut the pepper in half and remove seeds. Baste with remaining olive oil and cook at 220ºC until the skin darkens. Remove from oven and close in an airtight container. Leave to cool down. Peel and set aside.
Cook the sheets of lasagne in boiling salted water. Leave to cool and set aside.
Then assemble:
In a pie dish or a slightly oiled terrine, place in succession : the peeled red pepper, a layer of garlic and herb goat’s cheese spread (3 to 4mm), one cooked sheet of lasagne, the courgettes, goat’s cheese, lasagne, goat’s cheese and top up with slices of aubergine.
Press down very lightly and turn out on a plate.
May be served cold, accompanied by a balsamic vinaigrette, or simply hot.

Eurial products needed for this recipe :

Spreadable garlic & herbs goat cheese pyramid 140g

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